Teen Poem Winner

Congratulations to EmmaLee Farns, winner of our Spring Writing Contest for Teens. EmmaLee won a $30 gift certificate to The Brewer Bookstore, sponsored by The Friends of Norwood Public Library. Thank you to all of the teens who submitted their works. With 30+ submissions, our judges had some talented works to read and tough choices to make. Keep writing! Here is EmmaLee’s winning poem:

Painting The Sky

By EmmaLee Farns

It was a summer evening

riding in the car with friends.

The music was loud,

echoing in my ears

bouncing off of my many thoughts.

The only thing I could think about

was Rachel,

I knew she had painted

the sky for me that night,

For there was a beautiful sunset.

I hung my feet out of the window

and closed my eyes,

trying to clear my many racing thoughts

feeling the wind blowing against my feet.

And I finally felt peace.

Teen Tuesdays: Secret Book Adventure

Librarian Bones has discovered a secret in a book donated to the library. She really wants to keep it to herself! She has locked the book, but decided she may be willing to share the contents with some clever teens if they can prove themselves worthy. Can you use her clues to find out what she is hiding?